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Brad Pitt ONLINE!Screenshots galore and some free food!!

Ok, I've been making this server for quite a while, and I've been secretly stashing it under my beard. Well, not maybe my beard, maybe my bunker or something. Well anyways, I've been hiding this playerworld for quite a while because if you gazed eyes upon is entire power and beauty, you'd flop ten-fold, your brain would cave in, and your heart would explode. Not to mention, your sexual pereference would turn reverse. NOT LIKE THATS A BAD THING, because this is the best thing that could happen since God invented cheese. Ok, ok, not cheese, maybe the existance of human kind? Ok, there we go. Now, before I go braindead again and spoof slobber all over innocent children, let me show you the basics of my server:

1. G4m3pl4y: The server will be RPG based, where you can choose all types of classes: Seizure-causing Brad Pitt Gnome, Warrior Knight Brad Pitt, Elder Wizard Brad Pittiuth, and of course, Brad Pitt. Actually, the only person you can play is Brad Pitt, all the others you have to unlock after beating the quest to Brad Pitt's sexualty. And even then, they all look the same, have the same HP, MP, height, color (no, sorry people, I didn't like the idea of a mexican Brad Pitt) and so on.

2. Graphics: :BRAG TIME OMG OMG: Pff, cmon you guys, you know my graphics, ok? It'll be brad Pitt, and like caves and mountains and bob cats (YIKES! BOSS TIME OMG) and maybe some snakes or two. Oh, did I mention, Brad Pitt wields the mighty microphone of stardom. That, ladys and gentlemen, will make you drool soo much you'll drown in your own 20 feet of saliva. Oh yeah, that's not all. If your one of the first 100 people to log on, ill give you a free BRAD PITT BOOKMARK!! THATS RIGHT, A BOOKMARK, SOO WHEN YOUR DREAMING OF THAT FANTASTICAL ADVENTURE THAT YOUR READING, YOU CAN WHIP OUT THE BRAD PITT BOOKMARK, AND MAKE THE ADVENTURE MORE MAGICAL. OH YEAH!

And now, the screenshots.
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