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Conversation Between xXziroXx and Clockwork
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  1. xXziroXx
    11-21-2008 08:02 PM
    onrpg? No idea what that even is, I stole it from a guy on Moonglade EU Inofficial forums.
  2. Clockwork
    11-21-2008 07:47 PM
    Stole sig from the guy on onrpg :/
  3. Clockwork
    10-09-2008 07:24 AM
    +rep X3
  4. xXziroXx
    09-01-2008 06:22 PM
    There shouldn't be any swedish guy that I know who uses IRC, especially not someone who would claim that I usually oversleep - which I haven't done since grade school o_o
  5. Clockwork
    08-30-2008 08:56 PM
    some swedish guy on irc. XD
  6. xXziroXx
    08-30-2008 01:48 PM
    I don't oversleep, who told you that? o.0
  7. Clockwork
    08-30-2008 06:58 AM
    I made another swede friend, and learned that you oversleep! >:O

    -slays ziro in his sleep-
  8. Clockwork
    07-27-2008 05:54 AM
  9. xXziroXx
    07-27-2008 02:47 AM
  10. Clockwork
    07-27-2008 02:39 AM
    O I will see for myself. Just name the time and place.

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