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Ban Issues

so after i find a guy running around the walls in one of the sl levels i ban him . even tho he uses a guest account . he comes back . repeat this about five times till i try to ip ban him . repeat this six more times , he has now evaded a ban at least 12 times and he still continues to come back . by this time i have given up banning and just continue to disconnect him every few seconds till he stop's logging on . my question is this, was the guest accounts created to make hackers even more of a problem then they already are or was there some other reason . like to draw in new players ?

here lately there has been an unbelievable amount of speed and wall hacking and even memory editor's to give themselves weapon scripts they made . I understand most servers have protections in place to stop this but for other servers its keeping the staff from getting any work done when they spend an hour non stop setting bans and disconnecting the same person . can something be done to at least cut back on this if not stop it ?

if someone in the Global team wants the IP I'll give it to you but i wont post it here out of respect , even tho the person hasn't shown the same amount of respect to not hack and stop coming back .
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