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Re: Level Editing Help and Hints.

Originally posted by Sir_Gareth
Under The Pot: The tiles that you get from when you life up a pot can be used to make paths or used to make a floor. Using the second darker color of it is a good idea to mix both in so it doesnt look repetative (I know it looks sketchy in the picture but it does look good)

Brown Carpet : The brown carpet is a good way to add somethign to your floor, I find it to be one of the most versitile rugs, It has a tile located rigth atthe bottom almost unbder the snow tiles, where you can make the rug turn just like dirt tiles.
I like both those tile groups, and use them.

Those two can be used to add detail to cave levels too, instead of just having the darkgrey 'mine floor'.

Nice suggestions Dark Warlock, I like it.
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