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Level Editing Help and Hints.

Things that people have to do is use different tiles, and create their own Style and not going along with the crowd.
Ways to do this isto use tiles that are rarely used in thelevsl, and either combinding them or using it for deatail.

Tiles that are underused:

Predefined House Tile: It can be used in pockets or as the whole floor, as you saw in Shadowless Warrriors screenshot he had the tiles in pockets squared off with the brown tile in the Pre defined Kitchen floor. It can be used for many things and just to add color.

Yellow,Red Trees: Usually people use the green trees, but the red and yellow trees can be used to add contrast to the level instead of having everything green like the bushes, Rooshie and so on.

The Cup Banner Its just a small tile, but its a great addition to a house if you dont want to add a window and add somethign to your walls just add this!

The Garden Decorations (Tear Shudders,Garden Pillars):
I have seen the Garden pillars used but still not used enough, they are a great garden decoration OR they can be used as pillars on a house. The tear shudders are never used, you can use them as a fence or just to section off something, and yes they can be used on a house too!

Gold and Purple Tiles :They are the tiles at the very bottom with the gold pillars, the reason that people rarely use them is because you cant really put them together. You can in some ways and use them in a Cathedral or a place to put a statue,

Bridge Tiles: The inside of the bridge tiles (the ones you walk on) you can use those to make very cool floors, you can mix and match because both of the colors match white and purple.

Deep Water Big Rock: There is a rock right near the roo***p of the blue house, it can be placed in deep water instead of using the roc for both water and deep water it ads that un-repetative feeling.

Under The Pot: The tiles that you get from when you life up a pot can be used to make paths or used to make a floor. Using the second darker color of it is a good idea to mix both in so it doesnt look repetative (I know it looks sketchy in the picture but it does look good)

Brown Carpet : The brown carpet is a good way to add somethign to your floor, I find it to be one of the most versitile rugs, It has a tile located rigth atthe bottom almost unbder the snow tiles, where you can make the rug turn just like dirt tiles.

This is it for now, I will post the rest of the tiles in a bit, if you have anything to add go ahead!
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