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Originally Posted by Stefan
Skyld I have updated your post, since downloading that dll from somewhere is not helping in 99% of the cases. It is clearly Windows Defender which is messing up the Windows files (dlls).

Questa: it is not Graal breaking, it is Windows Defender breaking the Windows files, and Graal for Windows is requiring Windows somehow...
Apothix: Graal doesn't require the file, Windows is requiring a fixed version of the file, not Graal.
It's not exactly Windows Defender breaking the windows files, more like Windows Defender is now using a "side by side" version to deal with dll hell problems (or so I read somewhere). Supposedly the new msvcr80.dll makes use of .manifest files while the old one didn't. Someone had a solution that didn't require the uninstallation of Microsoft Defender on a SoG forum:
Maybe we can adapt this to Graal?
Currently I have no problems running Graal, except on RC2 when I try to open a file from filebrowser by double-clicking on it, it gives me that msvcr80.dll not installed error and shuts down RC2.
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